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  Chikhaldara -“Chill-Out” (India )


Chikhaldara  is a hill station situated in the Melghat mountain range  the state of Maharashtra, in India. It is a plateau, like Panchgani near Mumbai.  This is about 250 kms from Nagpur. This station is about 3000 ft above the sea level. My family had been planning to go there as we heard so much about it from others who had been there that we also had the intention to visit the place.  Now the only way to go there is by road. So one fine morning we started in our car for Chikhaldara. We took Amaravati road, which is a 4-lane from Nagpur. The road was broad and smooth , we travelled very comfortably up to Amaravati. There we took a break for the tea and after relaxing for a while we started again. Now was the time to travel at slow speed as the road was a little rough. Anyway we reached Achalpur that is say about 50 kms before Chikhaldara.

Again we took a break as this was the last big city before Chikhaldara. Now this was the last stretch which was quite difficult. As we went halfway we saw on the km stone that the further stretch was full of mountains . We had to go now about 26 kms totally uphill. This was a bit painful stretch as the roads were narrow and with lot twists and turns . Some times we had to stop the car at a safer place so that the down coming cars could pass by . And continuously  we had to be alert because of the sharp turns. Most of the times we had to honk, so that the other vehicles were alerted. Anyway, we reached safely to the table top somewhat tired because of the tough terrain.


As we came out the car the gentle breeze was blowing . The difference was great, as Nagpur’s temperature was so rising higher and higher day by day but, here the temperature was lesser at least by 10 degrees.

The time we reached was the early evening. So the first thing we did was to refresh ourselves with some tea and snacks.  we then took some information about the best hotels. We were told that the best is MTDC. We drove another 4 kms to get to the hotel. We inspected the rooms and found them to be very   comfortable, the front room for sitting with sofa cum bed with two chairs. Then, next to this was double bedded room with U- foam mattresses, then a lobby and then a backyard for sitting from where we could see the mountain range and the deep valleys and the toilet was very clean and with all the amenities. So having booked the room we unsettled our suitcases and went to for showers. Nice hot shower gave us the vigor and energy. The surprise for today was my birthday, so we decided to have a  gala time there as it was our first evening as well. My first plan was to arrange for a good dinner, so I found about the arrangements. They had the catering facility with room service as well as dining hall for all the guests in the resort. I having given the order, bought some cold drinks and snacks.

In the meantime my dad was already with his first peg of rum sitting with mom and aunt and enjoying the lovely breezes which were a little chilly. So one or two of us went and put on bed sheet as to cover us from the cold. Then my dad was in a mood to sing, he sings wells so we went on a singing spree. People in the next room also joined us. We played antakshari, in which my team was the winner. As the time passed by the velocity of the wind kept increasing. After sometime, we left for the dining hall for dinner. The dinner was ready to be served. I asked everyone to come to the table. It was delicious and sumptuous. We discussed sitting there with other people about the jungle safari . To able to go for it we had to go to the room as early as possible because it was to start early by 5 am in the morning. Night was really disturbing as the wind was in full swing. The hustling and bustling sound was the worry. Anyway, we got up by 4 am sharp and got ready for safari.

The jungle jeep was ready with the guide to take us in the forest of Chikhaldara to see the wild life. We started with two more jeeps with other tourists in them. It was cold yet bearable, and the thrill to visit the jungle gave us the strength to accept the challenge, though the jeep was open top. Since, it was the summer time we were told that the animal are likely to be seen near the pot holes, that is the water body prepared by the forest people for the wild animals due to the shortage of water in the forest . We sat patiently in the jeep looking out for the animals. After a while the guide told us that if we look to our left there are some deers grazing the field, a herd of deer were freely grazing but when they heard the jeep sound they became alert and disappeared. Then we moved forward, we saw cheetal that were drinking water from the pond. Then peacock passed by with lovely colors of the wings. Now as we were making a blind turn all of a sudden we came across a gang of wild dogs, as they were crossing the road.  They are supposed to be dangerous, sometimes they do kill the tiger also by t heir team work.  And now was the sight of a huge animal that black and dangerous, a full grown bison which was looking at us say from a distance of fifty to sixty feet, we see that how powerful and strong it was, the deadly look it was giving us we sensed that it could charge at us without giving us much time to escape. So our guide told the driver to keep the jeep ready in gear to take of if required. It was the time so exciting and thrilling that our wanted to see some more animals but then the time was getting over of the tour. We returned to our resort in three hours time.Still we had our good trip to the jungle.

We were back in our room tired but pleased. We all took to bed as our night sleep was incomplete, we all slept till late afternoon. After good rest we went out in the market to have lunch. In lunch we had Junka bhakre, which is a maharashtrian preparation. It was evening by the time we did little shopping in the small market of and found one which was little secluded but from there we could see the deep valley and the range of mountains touching the sky. As the evening advanced, the down in the valley we see some lights of a village, which was flashing because of the heavy air in the atmosphere. All of a sudden dark clouds came and the water in the air could be felt. Within no time it started to rain, we ran towards the car where it was parked, but then we became wet by the time we reached the car. Anyway its all in game so we drove back to our room. The heavy showers lasted for an hour but it gave us the fun of having rains in the month of May. The weather became more favourable like icing on the cake. Now we plan to go there with a bigger group and that too in a rainy season as the place become’s more beautiful with greenery around. The one time visit to Chikhaldara is not enough as the place is too good.














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