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Trip to Goa – Exciting train travel to Goa

During my travel trip to Goa by train it was an exciting and eventful experience.  I took a train from Nagpur which took about 12 hours to reach Mumbai and from Mumbai a connecting train to Goa which is another 8 hours of travel. Early in the morning I reached Mumbai. Thanks to Indian Railways for their good connectivity, but unfortunately my RSC ticket didn’t get cleared and I had to travel via unreserved.This was the first time I ever travelled in it. My trip to Goa had begun. It made me feel nervous since I had a very bad experience of seeing people clamping up in the unreserved. When ever I saw that it reminded me of the Jews being carried to the concentration camps by the Nazis.

As time passed I boarded the train and the train left (CST) Chattrapati Shivaji Termminal. I found a place to sit which made me feel lucky and comfortable. The gentry in the bogie was very nice and adjusting and it was good to see that it was not as the usual. I happen to see a young white guy who was travelling all by himself must be in his early twenties, who was sitting at the door facing outward with a huge travel bag wearing a complete torn jeans. Some how it made me curious to have a dialogue with him.

This gentlemen seemed to be like a Hippie. But still my curiosity didn’t stop me to go and have a renedevou with him. He told me that he was an American citizen and was working for US Navy and was a sailor but the thing that really struck me was that he was here in India in search of spiritual bliss well it was a little tough to understand he told further that he has only two pair of clothes and rest in huge travel bag were books. And he believed and ascertained that he got a spiritual enlightenment by reading Gita.

According to him all his answers to the questions were there in this sacred book. Well my dialogue with him generated questions in my mind but any way it was difficult to understand the phase of life he was going through.

Well Why, would one like to live like a Hippie –A Vega bond, dirty, badly dressed just don’t know why? Any way while having a conversation with him I profoundly remember he took out a half eaten sandwich from his jacket pocket which was wrapped in a metallic foil which I found to be surprising.

But any way I realized that this is also a way of living and all types of people one would find on this planet, is the bottom line.


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