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Goa Beaches- First time in Goa

Goa is known to be the land of churches and beaches. The life in Goa is laid back. You can smell and feel the peace and calmness of life in Goa. Before you explore the Goa beaches on the way by road or by train the view and the ghats are of great fun and adventure. Even the Konkan railways offer a lot of tunnels and scenic beauty on the way. As far as I remember there were 17 tunnels on the way . Hats off to the engineers who made this effort to build up connectivity for the same.

Reaching Goa I got more what I had expected. I was the sole traveler since I prefer to travel alone than in a group. Since I believe that you can discover more in life by being a lone traveler.

But The thought of Goa brings excitment to my mind as being there calls for a lot of fun and frolic. You also have a lot of foreigners ( International traveler ) from all over the world. Specially from Israel and Russia and others from America, Britain, Holland and now even Nigeria.

There are some lovely Goan beaches and a lot is mentioned about Goa beaches on the net but I would like to mention a few that I have been to and the ones I really mentioned. I would mention beaches like Vagator, Arambol, Keri,Bagha, Calangute, Miramar,Dona Paula.

One of the best beaches that I would like to mention is from the list of Goa Beaches is the keri beach which is about 59 kilometers from Panaji. The biggest attraction there is the presence of the old 17th century Portugal fort the Tiracol fort. The fort can be reached taking a ferry which takes about half an hour. On the beach there are even water sports and paragliding. The sea there is not safe for a swim but when I was there I was lucky to see a Russian couple swim deep in he sea and was able to see them swim close to the dolphins.It was a fantastic experience.

The next beach from the list of Goa beaches I would like to mention is the Arambol beach. The Arambol beach is said to be the capital of the hippie culture there is a fresh water lake which is between the two cliffs, the water in the lake is warm because of the presence of sulphorous mud in that area. The hippies there come for a mud bath. One more thing that cannot be neglected is the place called “The banyan tree”. The Banyan tree is the place where you find a meditating Sadhu and he is open to help you and guide you if required. Well the message that I got from him was to “spread love” and that is what is required in life. Being there is quite an experience.

The other two beaches that I would like to mention from the list of Goa beaches is the Bagha and Calangute which are about 20 Km away from the Panaji these two beaches are quite crowded and you have markets, food stalls and lot of other stuff available. One very important advise I would like to give to the people there is to be aware of the tricksters which involve you in games and dupe your money.

The Other beaches from the list of Goa beaches would be Dona Paula and Miramar they both are situated to south-west of Panaji about 3 Km from Panaji these two places are quite crowded because of their location.  A lot of localites tend to come there along with the tourists. Early in the morning when I use to go to the Miramar beach for a jog I saw a lot of people coming for fitness walk and jog.Something that  I can’t fail to remember is to notice a young Russian girl coming for a walk every morning with her well built fully grown German Shepered dog. somesought whom you would see in the James Bond movies.

The Other Goan beach from the list of Goa beaches would be Dona Paula which is about 6 Km away from Panaji to its south-west. Dona Paula is a famous crowded spot which has water sports and a harbour. It has a rocky terrain and a lot of  bollywood movie shoots have  taken place there, one of them is”Singham”.

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