While doing law I got an opportunity to go to Delhi and do my internship under a Delhi High court judge. It gave me an oppurtunity to visit the Taj- Mahal in Agra. During my off time and holidays I made sure that I make a visit of the rich Indian heritage i.e the Red fort, the Nehru museum, the Taj Mahal and the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

                               My uncle who was kind enough to arrange for my trip, to the Taj mahal through the State tourism department. I was filled with joy since trip to one of the wonders of the world came to me with a complete surprise. Something that I enjoyed the most offcourse after the Taj visit was the company I got in the bus. It was an eighteen seater bus and I was the only Indian in the bus, few young ladies around me in that 5 hour trip from Delhi to Agra. I got an opportunity to listen to Hewbrew songs on the i-pod of an Israeli girl seated next to me. Also I met a young French engineer and had a long conversation with him in his broken English well the one thing that I wont be able to forget from him was “ I am feeling small since you are able to speak English fluently and I am not.” Well hearing something like this from a white man indeed makes you feel very proud.

                               The best time I had was talking to the Spanish girl who was sitting next to me. Maria was her name, well it reminded me of the famous Spanish number of the pop star Ricky Martin…. Uus bos tres udo sikoba lade maria . This song helped me to gel up well with this pretty girl. So had a great time talking to them about their lifestyle, culture and their country.

                           After standing in a long que in front of the great makbara made by emperor Shahjahan for his beloved wife. As I entered from the main gate and had a glimpse of the great Taj Mahal,I was completely taken aback to see it. Such a marvellous white Marbelle structure it is. Sitting at the entrance and admiring the Great structure I wondered what a great way to express one’s love and how strong ,and what wonders love can do. The Taj mahal looked so magnificient specially on the cloudy day with a slight drizzle from the clouds and the chilled air blowing.

                              It really made me wonder how strong love can be and what it can make people do. Honestly something I would like to recommend to every human being is – Visit  the Taj Mahal atleast once in your lifetime and experience the sensational feeling of the power of love.

                              So finally my short Agra tour came to an end, But I made it a point to take E-mail Ids of all my foreigner friends. With my few more days left in Delhi, with some hard work too at the Delhi High court.

                              Back at home my parents and friends were waiting for me to come back. Now even I started counting my days. But honestly Delhi has given me a lot of experiences. From the lovely comfortable metros to the Red fort, Taj-Mahal everything and every aspect was enjoyed by me thoroughly.


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