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Thrill of tiger safari at Karmajhiri forest ( India )

In the vicinity of Nagpur, which is the central city of India there are few wildlife sanctuaries which are good for tiger safari such as Nagjeera, Umrer Kondla, Tadoba  &  Karmajhiri  which is on National Highway no.7 i.e.Nagpur-Jabalpur road. Karmajhiri is a very beautiful place approximately 90 kms from Nagpur.It is also know as a Mogali land, which lies between the jungle borders of two states Maharashtra and Madhyapradesh. Mr. Amitab Bachan, the iconic actor of bollywood is the brand ambassador of this place. Thanks to the forest officials which do not lack behind in maintaining the serenity of the place.

It has the lush green forest with all kinds of jungle trees such as Eucalyptus, sagoan, palas and many other varieties. The Highway has a very fine road which is a 4-way lane upto Mansar.And the panoramic view of the fields upto Mansar is exciting.

When we reach khawasa we got to take a left turn & travel about 12-13 kms to reach Turia gate. Yes there are forest jeeps and open top bus to take you for a jungle safari. We have been very fortunate to sight tigers with a kill. As we where informed on the walkie-talkie about the tigers, we were taken immediately to the place where they had put some elephants stalled. Then we where made to climb the elephants back and carried to the site.

When we reached the  tiger safari at the site it was very exciting, we saw four tigers encircling the kill which was a sambar.  They must have killed it by night and were having a feast during the morning hours. With all of them busy in having their kill our elephant mahavat took the elephant very close to the tigers that they became little annoyed by our intrusion and started roaring at us. We were scary but thrilled so we told   the mahavat to pull back the elephant, which he did so.

Now was the time when they started roaring at us. Anyways, this was the time to go  back and let them have the privacy. My friends took some video shoots also, it was great tiger safari experience. Later, I thanked God very much for protecting us from any untoward accident.

Watching the wild life is such an exciting sport that no other sport can be.  I am blessed having  seen number of animals on different occasions like Bison, Neelgai, cheetal, wild dogs, wild boar, hyena and many more during my tiger safari expedition. And I marvel this place Karmaghiri which is so beautiful . This place is full of various resorts ranging from Rs 1200 to Rs 20000 per day charges. Hotels like Taj, Tuli, Mogali & many others are available for a comfortable stay to be in harmony with nature.

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